Technology making us unhealthy?

Another awesome debate topic that I wish I could of signed up for! Jordyn and Rebecca made awesome arguments regarding their respected cases. What it came do to for me was the actual wording of the question which I did not really dive into until the end of the debate. I weighed the information both sides provided and then re-read the question and came to my conclusion that I will mention later on.

Jordyn posted some great articles that made reference to the fact that technology is addicting. So addicting in fact that we are neglecting things in our life that should be important, and outweigh technology, like family and friends. I agree I have seen friends and people I know lose things due to abusing technology. I knew a guy that played “World Of Warcraft” an online role playing game. He actually had a girlfriend at the time that he lived with, but was always coming home at the end of the day to play 5-7 hours of “WOW” everyday. Eventually his addiction became so severe that his girlfriend of 3 years left him. I do think this is the case for a lot of people it just comes down to how severe of an addiction each person has.

Rebecca showed some great articles on apps that help create more healthy versions of ourselves. I do think that there is so much information out there for us to utilize now for us to be more healthy than we have ever been as a society. We can now keep track of every macro-nutrient that enters our body (fats, carbs, protein). We also can access apps that have fully developed training programs that we can follow at the gym. Before there was technology if you knew nothing about working out one would need to hire an expensive trainer. Now everything one needs to know is a click of a button a way. It is just a matter of sitting down and learning the information, and finding information that is trustworthy and reliable.

When it came down to the final vote I had to re-read the question. “Is technology making us unhealthy?” It was the “making” work that really stood out to me. Maybe I am taking the question a little too literally. But I do not think it is technology that is the real problem. Technology is not making us do anything, how can it? It does not teach us our values, and tell us how to spend our free time. It does not prioritize our lives and give us perspective. It is our parents at a young age who give us accessibility to technology, who have the power to take it away from us if we are abusing it and explain why they did it. Really it comes down to parenting and lifestyle for me. And that is why I voted that it is not making us unhealthy. I think that is a “scapegoat” argument. Once again I may be taking things a little too literally but that’s how it is going to stay for now. Awesome debate ladies and I hope I can match it when I debate this week!! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Technology making us unhealthy?”

  1. Hey Brian,
    I think that you brought up a really good point and it was one that was touched on a little during the actual debate about whether or not technology is actually making kids unhealthy. I think that what you mentioned that it is not technology actually making kids unhealthy but it is used as a “scapegoat”. I like what you said, “It is our parents at a young age who give us accessibility to technology, who have the power to take it away from us if we are abusing it and explain why they did it.” I think that this shows we need to do better at being role models for our students to teach them about the benefits of how you can use technology as an asset to a healthy lifestyle but how it can also affect your health. Great blog post!


    1. Rebecca,
      Thank you for commenting, I agree with you too. We have to set the example for kids as adults. They mimic us at such a young age and if we are able to show them how to make healthy decisions. Once they grow up they will be able to make them on their own, without us having to instruct them. Which I think is what our goal is as educators. Have children be able to think critically, take information, and make a healthy decision on their own. If we are not going to do it, neither will they.


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