I must say, when I found out that Emily did a completely different debate topic than me I was a little freaked out. Especially since it was 30 seconds before it was time to reveal our findings via our videos. Thankfully Katia and everyone were super amazing about it and let it slide. We are all future teachers though, so we have to learn how to adopt on the fly. Thankfully both topics intertwined beautifully and it went smoothly.

Emily made some amazing points about our schools selling out to corporations. That we could potentially be only using one company and their resources and that could hazardous. That apps like Google could be aiming to target kids for ads and that we may become entrapped in this world of advertisement and money. It is a very capitalistic idea and one that definitely cause for concern.

I on the other hand argued a completely different topic about sharing and that being unfair to our kids. I of course do not think that it is unfair and only raises our kids quality of work.

I am so glad that I got Emily as someone to debate against, she is so knowledgeable, and when she talks she always has a strong idea. Overall I thought I learned a lot from this week and look forward to debating another topic tomorrow night.


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