Equity or Equality?

It’s truly funny how these debates are continually shocking me in a positive way. When we do the poll before the class starts I always take the side which I think is the clear winner. Before the debate begins I do think with some topics that I cannot possibly be swayed. But I do enter each debate with an open mind of course willing to change if an argument can sway me. And once again I have been swayed and changed my vote. I began by thinking that technology promoted equality and that everyone with the same technology would be placed on a level playing field. But Doug came out with some ammunition I was not prepared for. As an educator I cannot help but think that technology has its’ place but it’s how educated we are within the technology that can make or break us.

But not every place has the same technology. Doug used a great article about two cities with the exact same technology and how different the level of understanding came about. One city used the technology much more effectively than the other. Low income families were not being served correctly because they lacked experience other families had and could not utilize the technology they were given as well as others who had more experience. This is the same at school, sometimes we are greater a greater divide within our students when technology is being used without the proper direction. A great point was brought up that we had discussed in other classes about throwing money at a problem and expecting it to fix itself. We may be able to have equality in terms of everyone having the same technology, but where we want the equality to come from is how the technology is used to create understanding in a child’s education. And in no way is everyone getting the same high level instruction in regards to how to use technology and maximize the potential it can serve in an educational setting. But steps can definitely be made to rectify this.

This was a great debate by both Robbi and Doug and one where I was very torn. It is one of those questions where you’re never going to be totally on one side but you can see the benefits and problems of both sides. I really am looking forward to this weeks debate, another debate I’m sure will shock me and make me critically think.


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