Is Social Media ruining Childhood!!!?

Is social media ruining childhood? Now there is a loaded question if I have ever heard one. I thought both debaters gave great points on another topic that I immediately chose a side with. I did initially vote that it is because I could not help but to think of my childhood. I did not have social media and grew up on a farm near to all my cousin’s farms. And I remember going over to their houses and creating games, and playing with Lego, exploring the great outdoors. There were just so many things that I cherish from my childhood that I do not think would have been possible if I was stuck trying to be on social media. But then again we did play a lot of Nintendo 64 back then. And I am sure the parents from that day and age said the same thing about us. “those kids should not have that Nintendo! They’re missing out on their childhood.” So that highlights the point that was made that we do not know what childhood means to the current day child. Which is kind of the point that swayed me to the other side.

Reading the articles were very interesting “Is Social Media Ruining Childhood.” Emma Misom raises some valid points as to why the internet is ruining childhood. And that’s what I like about a lot of these topics, they’re not cut and dry. We cannot just take a side of one topic, there is a lot of give and take. Valid points that we must consider from both sides. I definitely agree with her that there is increased cyber bullying as it gives a platform for kids to go at one another in an unhealthy way. And also talks about Facebook depression which I think is something that effects adults as well and is a real issue. The thought that you are missing out on some lavish lifestyle just because you see it on someone’s social media account. When in reality it is usually lifestyle someone is just portraying to us that even they know they don’t daily live by. It’s very important not to get entrapped in that way of thinking and something to talk about with our students. I thought the second article had some interesting statistics. Especially the one that “spending an hour on social media reduces the probability of being happy by 14%.” I do not know if that is entirely true, but it is something to consider.

Cassidy’s picks were also very insightful. I liked and could relate to her first article. How we use social media to make connections, find opportunities, and communicate with others. And I really agree with this, especially from experience. There are so many people in my life that I would not have met if it was not for social media. So many great events and experiences that I would of missed out on if it was not for social media. There were people in our class that would not have met the people they are dating if it was not for social media. It just provides a platform like not other for people to connect that would not be made possible in a life that existed without social media.

Overall there are positives and negatives to both sides of the argument but I think that social media does have its’ place in our world. And really to the question at hand as to whether or not it is ruining children’s childhood. Can we really say that it is? Do we know what it means to experience childhood in today’s world? Every generation has grown up with different technology and access in their time. And things can be said as to why they were negative and positive for that time. But once this generation of children grow up I think they will say they would not have changed their childhood for the world. Because there is always something special that makes them remember their childhood and gives them nostalgia looking back. And once they grow up will look back at their kids and ask the same question about them, whatever piece of technology comes out and faces that generation.


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