This week’s blog post has to do with whether we have become too dependent on technology and what we really need is to unplug. Anther awesome debate which had Morgan taking the pro side and Noah taking the con side. It had some classic questioning the question within itself that we have seen from previous debates which only added to the conversation. I actually love it when we get philosophical with the debate topics. That’s the beauty about these debates is that they can be so layered. Maybe every subject we could debate could get to that level but this one definitely contained some of that element within it.

I will start with Morgan’s side of the debate, and the article “Connected, but Alone?” which is a Ted Talk that I have heard in many of my other education classes throughout my 4 years in this Bachelors of Education program. Sherry Turkle talks about how technology is taking over our lives. Sure it is good to stay connected, but that is only a momentary thing and it cannot be sustained. It is just creating a more lonely feeling. What I like to think about that Sherry really highlights is that we are so connected to our devices that we do not even know what to do with ourselves when we are alone. If we were actually to unplug from everything some people would lose their mind because they have never been put in a situation where they have just been by themselves. They might actually have to go talk to some people without a screen in front of their faces, or pull out a board game, maybe read an old fashioned book. It’s crazy to me but I can see the truth, it just reminds me of the story I shared via our last class about my cabin. The second article “How Much is too Much?”. Talks about technology in the classroom and how we as teachers still need to be the teacher and not let technology take over that roll. I think this is very true, I always try to incorporate some technology into my lesson if it’s possible just to spice up the lesson. But there are not too many instances where I want the technology itself teaching. Because there is so much differentiation within the classroom. And knowing your students specific needs and attention is irreplaceable, and that’s why robots cannot do our jobs.

Noah had very good points as well that I agreed with, his first two articles “Is Technology Good or Evil?” and “How Tech has Helped Or Bettered Our Society?” are both very good articles that talk about the advancement of technology and how it is helping us live more efficient lives. They talk about the modern day technology and military technology. And this for me is where the articles really hit home. And this is where it hit home for me in some of the other previous debates. And it comes down to choice, how do we use this technology responsibly? Because just like an overweight person can abuse food there are responsible ways to approach food and use it to better our lifestyle. Same with technology, if we are using it to save time and make ourselves more efficient, than sure why not!? But if we are sitting at home on Facebook and Netflix all evening. And that is preventing you from going out and conquering your goals than that’s terrible. I know too many people that want to get in shape, they say they don’t have time to go the gym, but they have enough time during the day to waste a few hours on social media. It is how we utilize time and technology which can make tech so valuable to us. Maybe I am getting a little off topic but I think it can all apply. I really do think I am in that grey area where yes I think some people do need to unplug but we all can’t completely unplug. It’s about learning how to use and not abuse technology and showing our kids how to do it. Even though there are adults that abuse it as well. Like a lot of things in this world it will never be a perfect science. But I like to think that there are ways of getting the right information out there and letting people make the choice. Just like a smoker who knows all the risks using a known carcinogen like cigarettes. I don’t know I don’t really have a winner in this debate because both debaters did so well and gave great points. I’m going to be a fence sitter for our last and final debate! Cheers!


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