Final Blog Post (mentoring)

The process of mentoring was a very rewarding one. It is always nice to see someone grow in front of your eyes. But specifically with the way the EDTC 300 class is set up you really get to see a different type of growth take place. With the EDTC 300 final project which involved someone taking on a personal skill or project. In my case their was ASL and intermittent fasting. Having these students document their growth and show what they struggled with and enjoyed is amazing. It documents the process that everyone goes through when taking on something new and intimidating. But more importantly it shows what trusting the process can accomplish. Putting in the time and practice into something and getting results is what life is really about.

The things that I found challenging was finding the time and keeping up with the actual commenting through a busy semester of classes. Also some of the topics were hard, I do not really know a a lot about ASL so giving constructive advice was hard. Talking about their blogs and and stuff was easier because I knew what I was talking about but other than that it was hard. But overall it is rewarding, giving constructive criticism or encouragement to mature students that take it and use it to better themselves is always rewarding. This process taught me that teaching an online class would be very challenging. You do not get to meet your students in person and it is difficult to build a relationship when you do not have time to ask them questions or interact with them outside of the class in person that I get a lot of the time with my in person classes. What it had taught me about teaching is just introducing me to another avenue of teaching and what the challenges entail. Like many other careers there are avenues you can take to do your profession. And teaching an online class is one of those things that involves the practice of teaching but puts you on a much different platform and presents different obstacles for you to overcome as an educator.

Mentoring Log Post:


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