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Module 6 Blooms Digital Taxonomy


I really like the part in this article when they talk about the “creative” aspect.  There are so many interesting tools/apps that look very interesting.  I would like to take a look at them one day when I get a moment.  I think they can be used in a multitude of ways if I just take the time to explore them.  The creation of something is very important for children as they learn.  When we can create assignments for students to tap into the creative sides of themselves, we truly get to see children stride and take passion in their work.  How many times do we just give out an assignment and a child is reluctant to do it and just “goes through the motions” with it.  I can not emphasize enough looking back on my schooling how much I enjoyed the freedom the be creative with my work.  The amount of passion and creativity is amazing to see and when a child presents their work, it’s just beautiful to watch.  So in that way I want to be as creative as possible when creating an assignment for my students.  The article also shows a lot of good resources when you are online and I think that is important.  Also how important content and knowledge are.

Finally, I know I have been beating this point to death ever since I joined that Bachelors of Education but I find it important and agree with the article.  And that is just how important collaboration is, especially between students.  When these students leave us for the real world the best thing they can know is how to collaborate.  And share their findings in an effective matter.  It is a very important life skill to learn for when they enter their respected fields of work.

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Reading Responses for Module 4

I reviewed Riley, Sean, and Megan’s blog and was very pleased with my findings.

Riley raised some great questions about Google Translate and the flaws that it does have. I think when we watch a tutorial video on these apps we never truly see what can go wrong with them. It often takes us to actually use the app for ourselves to truly see how many mistakes and things we need to address for the app to serve its’ purpose towards us. That is why it is important for us to use all the apps Google provides before we begin introducing the content to our students. Because obviously there are going to be errors and faults in every app, nothing is perfect. But we can prepare our class and be aware of what might not work and adapt our lessons accordingly.

I think I enjoyed reading Sean’s analysis on why we need to bring blogging into the classroom for our students. He gave some great insight on how using the internet will keep students more engaged because the internet is popular with our student body. Keeping the content based around the student will make them more engaged and the quality of their work will improve because they will be motivated by the topic. How can you go wrong by bringing in content that fits the curriculum and improves your student’s quality of work. I think that this is a no brainer and Sean made some great points.

Me and Megan seemed to have similar thoughts about using Google Docs. It is a great app that allows mass collaboration. Not only between students and teacher but between everyone involved in the school. Teachers can collaborate with parents and other teachers to make their class better. Students with students sharing ideas and making their work better. We need to be sure we know how to use this app inside and out before introducing it though but it is no question beneficial in every way. I think educators from past generations would be salivating at the mouth to have some of these things that we have to work with today.

I am just glad to see that I can learn a lot from my peers about these topics that I thought I knew all about just from my findings. I learned a lot and am going to keep checking their blogs for great things that I may miss.

Google Docs in the Classroom- Video
I just want to firstly start by saying how impressed I am with the Goggle Docs application. I had no idea about the app let alone the benefits it brings to the classroom. Teachers cannot be managing every group writing project and give the personal attention and view who is contributing to the group. With Google Docs everything is documented and the teacher can view where ideas and things are coming from. It is there recorded for all the group to see, so if a student misses school one day they can still access the information and will not feel alienated from the assignment they are trying to complete.

The Best Ways to Use Google in the Classroom- article
Whenever I think of Google, I think of just the search engine and how much notoriety goes behind just “googling” something. But this article really opened my eyes to just how much more there is to Google as a whole. I have used a lot of these apps that are accessible through Google but some of them have the potential to make your life as a teacher so much more enjoyable. Giving a vast variety of options on how you want to conduct lessons. Everything is user friendly especially to some of us who are not technologically advanced. It’s a doorway to become a better teacher. Collaboration between fellow teachers, sharing ideas that can only make your arsenal of lessons better and more enjoyable for students. You can not argue that when you are working with Google and can have collaboration with students and teachers, everything within the classroom is going to improve drastically.

32 Ways to Use Google in the Classroom Presentation
When I think of Google I think of how beneficial it can be to me as a teacher in saving time for prepping classes. I had no idea about all of the google apps and the numerous options I can use them while teaching a class. I can show my students things in numerous ways which will cater to a lot of students, because each child learns differently.

.p class=”p1″>Blog Gives Student’s an Audience 

What I gathered from this article is how important it is to incorporate a blog into a writing class.  It gives the students a wide range of audiences that extend farther than just the teacher’s perspective.  They get feedback from other students, and can see encouraging comments on their writings.  It gives reluctant writers a platform to express their ideas to the world and get feedback which encourages them to keep writing and get better.  

Blogging in the 21st- Century Classroom 

This article really emphasizes all the positives that come from incorporating a blog into your daily classroom routine.  Children seem to perform better, there is less mistakes found in their work.  Grammatical issues are less, correct punctuation is used, and quality of work is raised.  Teacher’s use topics that children like to write about that pertain to their interests.  By doing this the student wants to come to class and do better work.  By using the internet the students engage in their work and the quality of their work rises.  Making the teacher’s job easier, and making the future of the student’s academic careers all the more brighter.  

The 10 Skills Modern Teachers must Have

This article really emphasizes the skills that teachers need to master in order to be effective in today’s technologically driven world.  Being able to use all the tools that we as educators have at our disposal helps us engage with our students better and relieves a lot of stress for our daily responsibilities.  Use the social media to contact parents and share what lessons and concepts have been discussed in the class.  Collaborate with other teachers to improve your vision of what classes should look like and how they should be taught.  Teachers have degrees and know when a student is struggling.  Use technology to be better and evolve as a teacher.  And most importantly be able to say “no” to people, do not take on more you can handle, for your student’s sake as well as for your own sanity/health.