Self Evaluation

Oh my what a journey it has been.  Coming from a guy that does not use technology in any way related to the way I have learned through this course, I am pretty proud of myself.  I learned everything from blogging to making podcasts, to even screen shotting a presentation.  I must admit I did struggle with the course, because I am just bad with technology.  This is coming from a guy who didn’t have a cell phone throughout my complete teenage years.  I felt I was at a disadvantage.  But this course has really opened my eyes to the advantages of using technology inside the classroom.

I do indeed see myself using technology in the future even though it is something I may struggle with.  But that is what becoming good at anything takes, practice, and I believe this course has given me a good start to this practice.  I will continue to practice and strengthen my skills, and use what this course has taught me.

In terms of a mark for out of my 10% final grade I would give myself a 96% for doing as well as I did.  Having to run over and be using my parents out of date windows was fun.  But it was a struggle and I was able to get through it.  I read all of my readings and did all of the required tasks.  And I took pride in what I did.  Had fun with the podcasts and really tried to put my own personal touch on the topics we covered.  And for that I think I deserve a good mark as it pertains to this self evaluation part of the course.

Module 5 reflection:

I joined the Sasked talk on my twitter profile last Thursday.  I must say for most of the hour I was a bit confused as to what I was supposed to do.  But I figured it out and engaged in some topics that I found interesting.  It was a lot of good information and everyone was so encouraging.  It was a very welcoming environment and I was actually having dinner at a restaurant while while doing it.  Nothing beats good conversation with food in my opinion.  It was very helpful and I will definitely be going back on twitter this Thursday to see if I can find more useful information.

As far as my final project goes, I was having trouble finding a good topic to do mine on.  But after collaborating with a fellow student I was given a great idea.  I want to set up a page on WordPress as a class for students to go on.  At the end of the lesson there will be an assignment and the students will get to choose what they want to do and how they will present their findings.  I like this idea as it allows a lot of options and room for creativity.  I have been planning this out for a while now and am comfortable in the direction I have chosen.

Reflection #3
Module 3 has definitely been my favourite module thus far for numerous reasons. One, I got to learn a lot of things I did not know about Google. The only time I had ever gone onto Google on my Computer was to use the search engine to find out information. I had no idea about the vast number of free apps at my disposal. User friendly and very easy to understand, I can see these benefitting me in the future as an educator. I also had a ton of fun making the video using the screen capture app. It was fun to collaborate with a fellow classmate and learn about an app and give a tutorial based on this information. I cannot lie I was feeling a little sketchy about taking this class before it started. But this module especially has opened my eyes as to why we are taking it, and how it is only going to make me better at connecting with my students in the long run.

Reflection #2
I must say what a unique experience my first time using wordpress was.  I thought using this website would be easy and would only take me a half hour at the very most to complete the first module.  Yet here I am 3 hours later trying to finish up.  I thought that my experience at a young age would factor in and help me complete the task with ease.  But somethings you just can’t prepare for.  Following the tutorials were easy, but I did have a few setbacks.  I am using a Macbook and I think that through me for a loop, also pulling up the dashboard which you think would be one of the easiest things to do, was very difficult.  I also had a lot of trouble getting my pages to appear at the top of my website.  What lesson I learnt most from this module is how long something can take you if you forget to click a certain button or forget something simple.  But, I finally got it all figured out and everything else went fairly smoothly.  In conclusion I want my page to be unique and offer a service or opinion that people keep wanting to comeback and see more of.  I look forward to the journey ahead and conquering the internet and its’ many obstacles.


Reflection #1
I feel like the most frustrating part of this module was going on my peer’s blogs and realizing how much better their blogs were than mine.  But eventually with enough practice I hope to be able to add to my blog enough that it matches what I see on other peoples blogs.  I really thought your videos of setting up the menus for links was helpful.  It made things a lot easier on me and I eventually figured out how to accomplish what I needed to do after a few errors.  I felt like reading the articles was a big help.  It gave me a lot of good ideas and insight on how technology can help me as a teacher in the classroom, which will only make me a more successful teacher in the future.